Work Package 6

WP6 Legal and ethical supervision: The introduction of tools to deal with radicalisation is a task which raises questions to an individual’s liberty, privacy and security. This is especially important in the EU, and to improve the acceptability and efficacy of the PERICLES outputs. As such, UOW and UMH will be involved in the consistent ethical and legal monitoring of PERICLES.



  1. To study the most representative counter-radicalisation legislation in the EU with an overview of binding trans-national norms and compare them. This is the first step to explore the need and potential for harmonisation of counter radicalisation regulations, policies and strategies at EU-level, by means of organising workshops that gather all the relevant counter-radicalisation stakeholders and European legislators.
  2. To analyze the legal and ethical aspects of all technologies to be developed by the project in order to modify or remove any questionable feature at design time, and to ensure that the developed counter-radicalisation tools can be legally deployed in the studied jurisdictions, to start its exploitation as soon as the project is completed


Overall approach

Our approach is based on three principles: Broad, Global and Trend (BGT)

  • Broad: There are as many definitions of radicalization as authors. On our report, both regulation on radicalisation offences related to terrorism and the regulation of acts that lead to violent acts that deny fundamental rights, have been considered.
  •  Global: Our report also includes analysis of the more representative international anti-radicalisation legislation in the field of criminal law procedure law and Internet Service provider law, in the European Union, the Council of Europe and the United Nations Organizations.
  • Trend: To provide the report with a systematic aspect and be able to contextualise the battery of instruments in order to provide a comprehensive perspective the non-inforced legislation has been included.


To access a PDF summarizing this work package please click here.

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