Work Package 5

WP5 Validation: Continual feedback of the PERICLES toolkit will be assessed and evaluated to inform its refinement and eventual validation. TNO will lead this work‐package to ensure the full realisation of the intended objectives of the tailor-made tools are tracked and met from the onset.



The overall goal of the Validation Work Package is to validate the feasibility of the five Pericles tools by engaging end users. More specifically, the Work Package aims to identify the extent to which the tools

  • address practitioners’ needs
  • are plausible to be effective in the shorter and the longer term
  • can be implemented in national policies


Overall approach

In a series of workshops, end users will review the Pericles tools on the content and the practical implementation of the tools. On the basis of this input, we will develop a framework of effectiveness that analyses relations between the Pericles tools and interventions, radicalization behaviours, and resulting effects in a broader European context. This framework, which is visualized in loops between variables, will be used to provide insight into the causal relations, effects and interdependence of the identified intervention policies.

The resulting reports will describe the feasibility of each of the five PERICLES tools for the end users included in the consortium and suggestions for end users on how to implement the tools in their daily practices. In addition, the plausible effectiveness of the tools in terms of policies will be described.


To access a PDF summarizing this work package please click here.

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