Work Package 1

WP1 Workup of existing tools and policies towards a holistic understanding of prevention: Establishes a common frame of reference from which initiates the development and operationalisation of the PERICLES concept. KFN lead this WP, ensuring the evaluation and effectiveness of counter-radicalisation programs are fully researched, to kick-start a focused context for the succeeding WPs.

•Survey the existing prevention projects and programmes in selected European countries

•Provide an overview of research gaps in counter-radicalisation measures

•Research the needs of selected stakeholders whose work is related directly with the prevention of violent extremism and radicalisation

Overall approach:
Building a general picture of the counter-radicalisation measures offered in Europe is essential to understand what issues are being addressed and what is not. In turn, it is possible to inform current measures of such shortcomings in order to progress with effective policies that work. In order to achieve this approach a survey will be conducted that investigates specific aspects of counter-radicalisation projects and programmes including their methodological, theoretical and evaluative implementation. Combining the survey results with interviews with stakeholders in the field prevention will provide empirical evidence of what is still lacking.


To access a PDF summarizing this work package please click here.

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