PERICLES speak to Nordsee Zeitung about counter-radicalisation and tool development

The Pericles project was covered recently by the Nordsee Zeitung in Germany. Journalist Tim Albert showcased the role of Hochschule Bremerhaven in the multi-partner project to combat radicalisation.

Professor Dr. Dominic Kudlacek, the lead investigator, was interviewed and spoke briefly about the commonalities between various types of radicalisation. Professor Dr. Kudlacek also spoke about the importance of establishing scientific proof that counter-radicalisation programmes and tools are genuinely beneficial and have an impact, amid an ever growing number of them in Germany.

The article summarised the goals and purpose of the Pericles project and the key security risks in Germany that the project tools will help to mitigate.

The Pericles project will launch its four proprietary tools in April 2020.

Read more about the tools here:

You can read the full article from Nordsee Zeitung here.

PERICLES Nordsee Zeitung
PERICLES Nordsee Zeitung

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