PERICLES Project Publications

PERICLES Project is currently preparing for its upcoming mid-term project evaluation. Project consortium meeting will be held in Dublin on 27 to 29 November. As part of our preparation, PERICLES presents its list of peer reviewed publications thus far.



Kudlacek, D., Phelps, M., Castro Toledo, F., Miró Llinares, F., Ehimen, E., Purcell, S., Görgen, T., Hadjimatheou, K., Sorell, T., Halilovic Pastuovic, M., Karatrantos, T., Lortal, G., Rooze, M., Young, H. & van Hemert, D. (2018). Towards a Holistic Understanding of the Prevention of Violent Radicalisation in Europe. European Law Enforcement Research Bulletin, 17, 9-17.


Phelps, M., Karatrantos, T., Theofilopoulos, V. & Kudlacek, D. (in press). Law Enforcement Responses to Violent Extremism in Greece. European Law Enforcement Research Bulletin.


Ortuño, R. B., Toledo, F. J. C., García, J. O. P., & Gómez, N. R. (2018). “May I offend you?” An experimental study on perceived offensiveness in online violent communication and hate speech. International e-journal of criminal sciences, (12), 2.


Esteve, M., Miró-Llinares, F., & Rabasa, A. (2018). Classification Of Tweets With A Mixed Method Based On Pragmatic Content And Meta-information. Complex Systems Studies, 13(1), 60-70. 29


Miró-Llinares, F., Moneva, A., & Esteve, M. (in press). Hate is in the air! But where? Introducing an algorithm to detect hate speech in digital microenviroments. Crime Science.

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