PERICLES project presented in Estonia

On 19 March 2019 the International Conference on Early Detection of Radicalization and Networking took place in Tallinn, Estonia. Participants from EU Member State law enforcement authorities attended the event. The conference marked the completion of DARRA project (Detection and Response to radicalization appearances) that was launched in 2016. The scope of the conference was to share the best practices across the European Union on the topic of early detection of radicalization, prevention and networking. Two main outcomes of DARRA projects were introduced at the conference – 1) The evaluation guide for law enforcement officials that was created in order to facilitate the determination of a possible threat of radicalization. 2) A handbook that was created for officials from local municipalities advising on how to notice first signs of radicalization. PERICLES consortium LEA expert Rob Out spoke about radicalisation prevention and multiagency cooperation at the conference and has introduced Multi Agency Vulnerability Assessment Tool which PERICLES is developing to the audiences present.

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