PCVE & radicalisation workshops

By Rob Out, project manager and senior adviser on international police cooperation on PVE and CVE at National Police Netherlands

Western Balkan Roadshow. Kicked off last Monday in Belgrade (Serbia), followed by Pristina (Kosovo) and now in Tirana (Albania). Invited by and in company of the NL Regional Security Coordinator WB, Alain Ancion, delivering interactive one-day workshops in 6 countries showcasing the NL integrated approach on PCVE & radicalisation. Together with Anton Wildoer, Head of Safety House North-Holland, we engage participants in discussing multi-agency cooperation, training, the Safety House approach and other interventions (like the ONE-on-ONE mentoring program and our approach on returning minors). Finally we offer an á la carte menu of topics, like the LSE, polarisation management, NCTV’s e-learning and EU PERICLES’ MAVAST (multi-agency Radicalisation Assessment Support Tool) developed by TNO NL. Some immediate outcomes: Serbian Police is interested in our training ‘Extreme Violence’ for first-line responders; the Head of the NL Advisory Team for returning minors will contact Kosovo’s project leader on their experience with a group of 110 male FTF, women and children returning from Syria recently and Albania’s CVE center wants to incorporate the Conviction workshop in its training.




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