Effectively Measuring Vulnerability to Radicalisation: Introducing MAVAST

MAVAST (Multi Agency Vulnerability Assessment Tool) is a new tool to assess the vulnerability of individuals to violent radicalisation, which has been developed through Project Pericles.

The tool has been designed to support multidisciplinary teams in assessing how vulnerable an individual is to radical ideologies.

In addition, it identifies which information is needed to increase the reliability of the assessment and provides directions for potential interventions.

MAVAST combines 80 risk indicators of individuals, such as (changes in) their behaviour, political views, family circumstances, personal factors and social network, to arrive at an evaluation of the vulnerability to (at some point) show violent radical behaviour.

It is designed for multi-agency and multidisciplinary teams, consisting of, for example, police, municipalities, social work, and schools.

The tool explicitly addresses these different agencies and disciplines by allowing for multiple perspectives on the vulnerability assessment of an individual.

It can also be used within and across European countries, for example in cross-border cases.

MAVAST was developed by a multidisciplinary team at TNO, the Netherlands Organisation for applied scientific research.

To find out more about MAVAST, please take a look at the project information sheet.

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