PERICLES experts talk series – Miró on ModeRad

Our fourth ‘PERICLES Experts Talk’ is out now. PERICLES Experts Talk is a series of short exchanges where experts working on the PERICLES project talk about their area of expertise. They discuss why certain areas are important for the PERICLES project as well as the issue of radicalization in general. This time, our PERICLES expert is Fernando Miró. Prof Fernando Miró is a Professor of Criminal Law and Criminology at the Miguel Hernández University in Elche (Spain) and a Director of the CRÍMINA Research Center for the study and prevention of crime.

In this video Professor Miró talks about developing ModeRad, an artificial intelligence system that detects violent and radical messages on Twitter.

Find out more about CRÍMINA  here and stay tuned for more on our PERICLES Experts Talk Series.