Dealing with Radicalisation in the Family: PERICLES Family Information Portal

The Family Information Portal helps families who are concerned that a family member is radicalising.

It gives practical tips and recommendations on how to effectively deal with radicalisation in the family.

The Family Information Portal helps families identify the indicators of radicalisation. Using the portal, families can decide if they need to take further steps.

The portal includes case studies of how other families have overcome radicalisation. It also shares information about how families have built resilience against radical ideologies.

Many families feel alone and worried about potential radicalisation in their families. Often they do not know what to do or who to turn to. There are very few resources for families that are concerned about loved ones becoming radicalised.

The goal of the portal is to give those concerned people guidance on what to do and who to turn to.

The Family Information Portal will cover the following key topics:

  • What is radicalisation?
  • Identifying radicalisation
  • How families can deal with radicalisation
  • How families can improve their resilience to radical ideologies
  • Where to find help if you think a family member has been radicalised

All suggestions made in the portal are based on experience and supported by research.

To find out more about the Family Information Portal, see the interview with Magda Rooze of ARQ Psychotrauma Expert Groep.

The Family Information Portal is one of the main deliverables of the PERICLES project. It will be released to the public in April 2020.

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