Legal Name THALES SA
Acronym THALES
City Palaiseau
Country France
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In Thales Research and Technology France, the “Analysis & Reasoning in Complex System” laboratory (LRASC) investigates, develops or customizes methods and algorithms for information fusion, decision making processing, rich internet application and also big data architectures and the “Decision & Optimization” laboratory (LDO) investigates algorithms for complex problem solving using approaches like genetic algorithms, planning, non-linear optimization, multi criteria and group decision making. The labs investigate and develop formal methods for information extraction, fusion, situation analysis and decision-making. The theoretical approach in group decision making is oriented toward argument modelling, subtle qualification quantitative data to support users. The labs propose their expertise in multicriteria aggregation, negotiation and argumentation theory, information fusion, forecasting, soft modelling of social data for decision making, ontology based decision activity model. THALES’s vast knowledge in modelling makes them perfectly qualified for the modelling of PERICLES. THALES experience in PERICLES will be presented to security business units inside Thales to propose them to start the de-risking phase for enhancing their portfolio.


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