Acronym KEMEA
City Athens
Country Greece
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Center for Security Studies (KEMEA), which was established in 2005, is a scientific, consulting and research institution and the official “think tank” of the Hellenic Ministry of Interior on security and anti- crime policy issues. KEMEA’s mission and scope is characterized by five main concepts: a) Research, b)  Innovation, c) Security Planning, d) Training & Education, e)Testing &Validation. Since 2012, KEMEA has a research team of excellence working on Radicalisation, Terrorism and Organised Crime.

From 2015 KEMEA has close cooperation with RAN CoE. Within this framework KEMEA organised two events in Greece (workshop with Public Authorities and End- Users, Train the Trainers program). Also, members of KEMEA are actively participating in RAN POL and RAN LOCAL Working Groups.  Finally, members of KEMEA were involved in the preparation of the training handbook for police officers.  Concerning European Projects KEMEA is implementing a number of EU funded projects covering radicalisation, terrorism, cyber threats, intercultural policing, hate crime, domestic violence etc.  Also, the Center implementing projects about radicalization under the Internal Security Fund (train, raise the awareness and enhance LEA’s personnel skills).

KEMEA has triple role in PERICLES: a) Needs Assessment and Case Studies, b) Tool Development and c) Communication and Dissemination.


Pericles Contact Person

Triantafyllos (Akis) Karatrantos – Senior Researcher


Vasileios Theofilopoulos – Police Lieutenant Colonel