Deutschen Hochschule der Polizei

Legal Name Deutschen Hochschule der Polizei
Acronym DHPOL
City Muenster
Country Germany

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German Police University is the academic institution for senior police service of all German police forces (Federal Police, Federal Criminal Police Office, Police forces of the 16 German federal states, Police force of the German Parliament) and located in Muenster (North Rhine-Westphalia).

It was established as a university in 2006. Students pursue their Masters’ degree in „Public Administration – Police Management”. For senior police officers, there is an extensive programme of continuing education courses. Research on a broad range of topics related to police and security issues is an integral part of work at DHPol. The chair of Criminology and Crime Prevention at German Police University is held by Thomas Goergen. Current and recent fields of research include de-radicalization / prevention of radicalization in the field of jihadi extremism, use of internet and social media as means of incitement of acts of violent extremism, violence and aggression in institutions of residential care for older persons, police use of social media with a focus on crime prevention purposes, multiple homicide offences and offenders, policing of intimate partner violence, prevention of robbery in the retail sector, crime, security, and social change through migration in urban centres and power of attorney / guardianship and fraud offences against vulnerable older persons.


Role of German Police University (DHPol) in PERICLES:

German Police University’s role in PERICLES is twofold: First, DHPol is involved in the analysis of current and recent policies aimed at the prevention of violent radicalization and participates in the development of effective instruments and the advancement of measures that have been tried and tested. Secondly, as an academic institution serving the German police DHPol is in an excellent position to involve practitioners and stakeholders at an early stage and discuss findings with end users gaining input throughout and beyond the duration of the project. This includes the inclusion of outcomes in courses and seminars.


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Prof. Dr. Thomas Görgen,, +49 2501 806-327


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