Acronym PMM
City Madrid
Country Spain
Website www.madrid.es/policia
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Ayuntamiento de Madrid (ADM), Madrid City Council (in English), is a public institution whose Police Department, Madrid Municipal Police, a force of civil nature with hierarchical structure and organization, is framed in the General Coordination for Security and Emergencies under the authority of Madrid City Council. With a work force of 6500 police officers, Madrid Municipal Police is the largest local Force in Spain, whose main aim is to provide security in different areas; preventing and responding to civilian safety problems and assisting victims; ensuring order and security during mass events in collaboration with other security forces and organizers; criminal investigation, youth protection, road safety, community policing. The force is organized in Inspections, Sub-inspections and Units. The city of Madrid is divided in 21 districts, each of them with one police Unit. All Police District Units are primarily responsible for monitoring public spaces, ensuring normal living and preventing criminal acts, adding to these, are other tasks in administrative police and coordination with the Body of Mobility Agents (Traffic Cops) directing traffic in the city and enforcing its rules. Every District Police Unit includes a group of Police Officers (School Cops) dedicated to protect minors and ensure safety in school environment, as well as a Citizen’s Assistance Office, where demands from citizens are collected and processed.

The institution includes 18 Specialized Units with functions to perform specific jobs such as public safety, road safety and investigation of motor vehicle accidents, judicial police, environment, gender and domestic violence, providing support to other Units. Madrid Municipal Polices involvement in European Projects is gradually increasing.


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Deputy Commissioner Antonio J. Gómez Montejano Tfn.,



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