Acronym ARQ
Address Diemen
Country Netherlands
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ARQ is the umbrella organisation of institutions with expertise in the field of psychotrauma in relation to persecution, war, aggression, violence, disasters and other shocking events. The ARQ group contains research and knowledge institutes, a department for diagnostics and treatment, an academy for education and a training and consultant institute. The ARQ foundation (350+ employees) is the subsidiary holding for the partners in ARQ.

The partner organisations focus on various groups of beneficiaries: people confronted with war and armed conflict (Cogis Foundation, Pelita Foundation, 1940- 1945 Foundation), affected people and communities by disasters and other critical incidents (Impact Foundation), and post-conflict situations, humanitarian crises and human trafficking (War Trauma Foundation, Equator Foundation)

ARQ also offers treatment for a wide variety of clients: civilians, veterans and uniformed staff. The activities of the partners are linked through inter-organisational research and development programmes. This programmatic approach was adopted to create synergy between experts and professionals from various and complementary disciplines, to facilitate evidence based treatment and to work on knowledge development for the academic, professional and wider audience.

ARQ partners contribute to high quality expertise in the domain of psychotrauma through research programs, innovation of treatment and training programs, standardisation of professional practice and offering specialised consultation. They have extensive experience with network management, collaborative product development; end-user consultation; supporting victim organisations, organisation of public commemoration ceremonies; realisation of online information and referral centres after disasters; policy recommendations; training; guideline and (online) tool development; evaluation; cross-national policy comparison. They publish in international scientific journals, they issue books for the academic world and for the wider audience, there is a specialised library as well as online database. ARQ is a leading organisation in developing e-health products for targeted audiences.


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