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Workshop for Teachers



Conference Organisation

Presentation: Project Pericles

Presentation: Counter-radicalisation in the EU: Recommendations for policy responses

Presentation: Policy recommendation and improved communication tools for law enforcement and security agencies preventing violent radicalisation

Presentation: Project Pericles

Presentation: Towards a Holistic Understanding of the Courses of Radicalization Among Returnees.

Presentation: Counter-radicalization in Europe – A Critical Review of Existing Prevention Tools.

Presentation: Project Pericles.

Presentation: Radikalisierung im digitalen Zeitalter – Risiken, Verläufe und Strategien der Prävention

Presentation: Strategien der Prognose und aktuelle Instrumente zur Untersuchung von Radikalisierungsprozessen

Presentation: Prevention of violent radicalisation in Europe – a critical workup of existing tools

Presentation: The risk of violent radicalisation in times of increased migration

Presentation: Refugees experiences with violence and discrimination during their journey to the West

Presentation: Human trafficking and forced labor in Germany

Presentation: Religious extremist attitudes among refugees in Germany – Results from quantitative surveys


Standing Committee on Crisis, Disasters and Trauma London U.K.

Symposium London U.K.

Exploration of opportunities to collaborate

Consultation on radicals and convicted terrorists in prison

Evaluation on returning families and children

Consultation of mental health expert on returning children and families

Consultation of expert on families with Maroccan background

SICUR International Security, Safety and Fire Exhibition


LEAS Meeting

TV dissemination

Gap analysis on counterradicalisation measures

Prevention of radicalisation in selected European countries

PERICLES – Ethical Considerations in Counter-Radicalisation

Dissemination Activities Summary