is Pericles

Over the course of its lifetime Pericles will produce a suite of practical tools. These are:


Pericles provides an updated cyber-space detection system capable of identifying online extremist activities by navigating the Dark Web. This includes supporting the ability to detect, with the use of web content mining and web structure mining, radical online content implicit and explicit virtual communities and authoritative and instrumental users.


An interactive web-based visualisation tool mapping the relevant actors in the radicalisation domain, their objectives, roles and relationships. The tool affords a visual identification of key players and a prompt identification on the limitations facing such groups, which end-users with a more efficient interface for the exchanging of information and good practice.


A multi-agency tool will be developed that combines a variety of risk indicators of ‘at-risk’ individuals and groups, such as their behaviour, religion, family circumstances, personal factors and social network, in order to create a vulnerability evaluation along with recommended actions.


Dedicated to families and serves as a useful instrument to support, inform and advice families who suspect or know of a relative in the process of radicalisation or that has been radicalised. The family care package covers the various stages of radicalisation from pre-radicalisation, to early radicalisation and post-radicalisation stages.



An updated training course for counter-radicalisation developed for frontline staff in order to increase their knowledge, awareness and understanding of radicalisation for a better preparedness.