is Pericles

Pericles Objectives

The overall aim of the proposed project is to develop a comprehensive approach to prevent and counter violent radicalisation and extremism. The PERICLES (Policy recommendation and improved communication tools for law enforcement and security agencies preventing violent radicalisation) project is especially dedicated to transitional processes of radicalisation. To meet its aims, PERICLES will consider violent left-wing and right-wing as well as religious ideologies. A special focus will be set on the risks connected with digital violent propaganda. The PERICLES project will deliver advanced and validated counter-propaganda techniques that are target-group-specific.

Furthermore, the cooperation between relevant authorities who have due regard against violent radicalisation or support the process of de-radicalisation will be enhanced through the use of the pro-ject outputs. The comprehensive PERICLES prevention strategy will therefore largely address law enforcement agencies (LEAs) and security agencies; but will also find use by prisons and social workers, teachers and even relatives of affected people.

Figure 1.1.2: Work package Structure

To achieve the specific PERICLES objectives, a structured methodical framework will be formulated comprising of eight targeted work packages (WPs). The WPs will be carried out seamlessly, with clear inter‐linkages and continuous exchange of information. This will ensure that the results and conclusions of the various WPs are incorporated at appropriate stages throughout the lifetime of the project, enabling the gradual refinement and advancement of the concept. Each WP consists of tasks, which draws on the combined expertise of the consortium partners. The WP overview is detailed below: